Why Choose Us?




According to NFPA #96 “Exhaust Cleaners are required to be Trained, Qualified, and Certified.”

A grease fire can cost you your business and all your hard work. Don’t risk using an unqualified company that doesn’t follow NFPA #96 fire codes and guidelines. With Mako, you are paying for the peace of mind that your exhaust system is cleaned to metal and properly maintained.


Communication is key and we are always in touch.

All locations are evaluated upon the first estimate and put on a proper maintenance schedule per NFPA guidelines. Automated reminders via email and text are sent when customers are two weeks away from their next cleaning. Once the cleaning is schedule, an appointment confirmation is sent. Customers also receive text and email reminders the day before their scheduled appointment.

We can be reached by email, phone or text any time of day.


Liability Coverage

Don’t you have enough to worry about?

Liability coverage is often overlooked in the exhaust industry. Insurance companies will investigate if a grease fire was to occur. They will look at whether or not the restaurant was cleaned routinely and if the vendor was at fault. Most hood cleaners have minimal coverage if at all.

Mako has $7M in general liability, $1M workman’s compensation, and $1M in commercial auto.

We keep ourselves and our customers covered so we all have that peace of mind.

After Service Reports

Mako After Service Report


Do you often feel that you have a vague understanding of your systems maintenance and status? With every cleaning we check for deficiencies and leave a report. We check for any NFPA code violations and provide estimates for anything that can be fixed.


Professionalism is hard to come by these days. Often hood cleaners are on site after hours and without location staff. We understand you are entrusting us to leave everything the same way it was when we came. Our techs are trained to treat your property as if it was their own. We maintain respect for your facility and take precautions to make sure it is left secured upon our departure.

Techs show up on time and in uniform, every time.


Certified Hood Sticker

Hood Sticker Example