Hood and Exhaust Services


When it comes to keeping your restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system clean, safe, and compliant, you need a reliable company that you can count on to do the job right!

Mako provides nothing but the highest quality of workmanship, customer service, and most importantly an exhaust system that has been cleaned thoroughly and completely down to bare metal!


Trained and Certified

Mako is trained and certified by Phil Ackland in the complete hood and exhaust system cleaning and degreasing process.

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Hood Canopy and Filters

The most visible area to be cleaned is the hood canopy and filters. It is common in the industry when unqualified hood cleaners only clean this area and not the entire system. While it required and even nice to have the hood canopy shinning bright metal, it is most important to know that what’s above this area is even more crucial.

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Duct Work

Hood and Exhaust duct work is the one of the most often neglected areas. It is common for cleaners to not focus on cleaning the ducts because “no one sees it.” Mako ensures that all duct work is cleaned to bare metal. Not cleaning duct work can lead to severe build up and becomes extremely hazardous and susceptible to grease fires.

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