Additional Exhaust Services

We also provide a number of replacement parts for the fan exhaust  and ventilation systems to help your business maintain NFPA # 96 code standards. Ask us about installation and pricing when you schedule your next appointment.

Grease Gutter – Sidekick


Proper grease containment is an important part of maintaining NFPA #96 regulations and reduces the risk of fire.


Grease Containment- High Capacity

grease gutter large

This grease containment system holds more grease the the standard grease kits thus reducing the chances of grease overflowing on to the roof of your restaurant.




Steel Filters last longer than aluminum filters and are a good investment for the long run, additionally they are easier to clean and maintain.


Hinge Kits


Hinge kits make it easier for technician and inspectors to access the ventilation system for cleaning and inspection. They also reduce the risk of damaging electrical wires during the service process.